Madhav University Engineering Department hosted a one-day workshop on drone technology. Our registrar, Dr. Bhavesh Kumwat, said that such workshops are important in providing quality education.

Students enrolled in the drone workshop learned all about its various parts and how they work, along with safety precautions when flying them and how to avoid accidents when operating one. Students also gained experience using drones to take pictures and videos while also creating videos that seemed as though they were actually inside the cockpit!

Integrating drones and robotics into workshops resulted in a great response from the students. They  acquired practical skills in drone technology and additionally developed a deeper appreciation for the actual-world applications of their engineering information.

The whole motive behind this workshop was to develop skills in the students, go beyond the theoretical knowledge, and engage them more in practical knowledge. Because at Madhav University, we believe in creating a skilled graduate, not an ordinary degree holder.